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Can posting on social media get you arrested?

With so many different social media platforms making it easy to post your every thought, it is tempting to constantly share what you are doing each day. Many use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and others to connect with old friends and share things that are important to them. Unfortunately, a lesson that many fail to learn is that once it is posted on the internet, it is there forever.

Creepy clown pranks result in arrests

The US and UK have seen a recent rash of "creepy clown" incidents which have set social mediablaze. Most of the incidents are simply reports of sightings, in which people have spotted clowns in the woods, on playgrounds, and on school property, like the recent one in Newburgh.

Simple possession charge? Not with drug-induced psychosis

You're curious and young. You've heard about some recreational drugs out there that are cheap and give a great high, like bath salts or flakka. What would the possible repercussions be if you got caught? Possibly just a simple possession charge or if you're partying a little too loud, a drunk and disorderly. Nothing that you wouldn't be able to work past with the right legal advice.

City of Newburgh putting more cameras on the street

When walking down the streets of Newburgh, New York, do you need to look over your shoulder or is someone else doing it for you? Although the city of Newburgh has not released the exact number of surveillance cameras, officials are actively working on its surveillance system.

Search and seizure: what are students' rights?

An education is much more than a requirement for children in New York. It is designed to be a safe place where kids cannot only learn about science and math, but about themselves as well. They need to feel free to make mistakes. Of course, keeping a close eye on hundreds of kids with a small number of teachers is not a small task.

FBI will review thousands of convictions involving hair evidence

In this day and age, many crime scene investigations involve forensic science. While much of the public here in New York tends to think that forensic evidence is foolproof, this actually is not the case. A number of forensic techniques are not a perfect science, in part, due to human error. This is why we sometimes hear about wrongful convictions in cases that involved seemingly tight evidence--such as hair samples.

New York fights underage drinking with new driver's licenses

Drinking underage has become a sort of rite of passage for many young people in New York. Sometimes, this is harmless fun and other times this results in major and long-lasting consequences. In order to make it a bit more difficult for minors to get their hands on alcohol, as well as fight fraud, New York state's driver's licenses will undergo a redesign in July. The new cards--which have black and white photos printed on hard polycarbonate cards--are supposed to be very difficult to forge.

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