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October 2016 Archives

Modification of child support may be available to inmates

Incarcerated parents who have been ordered to pay support for their children tend to find that when they get out of prison they are deeply in debt. They are unable to keep up with their child support payments due to a lack of money coming in while they are removed from society. However, they are still expected to pay what has been ordered. It is understandable that, for inmates in New York and elsewhere, this type of situation would be quite distressing.

Coming up on retirement and thinking about divorce?

Most people in New York and elsewhere look forward to their retirement years. They have worked hard their entire lives and are excited to relax a bit and start crossing things off their bucket lists. However, for those who are considering filing for divorce just before entering retirement, doing so can drastically change their plans for the future.

Creepy clown pranks result in arrests

The US and UK have seen a recent rash of "creepy clown" incidents which have set social mediablaze. Most of the incidents are simply reports of sightings, in which people have spotted clowns in the woods, on playgrounds, and on school property, like the recent one in Newburgh.

Think about the future when going through a divorce

It can be a challenge for New York residents to look toward the future when their marriages are ending. However, the future is exactly where they should be looking since once the divorce process is complete, they will need to be able to create a new life with the financial resources they have. What resources they leave the marriage with will depend on how well prepared they are.

VIDEO: Which law firm did you use? Our positive results drive referrals

Type "attorney near me" into the search bar on Google, and what do you get? An endless list of law firms in your area. The firm you choose to represent you matters, significantly, but how do you whom to trust?

Seeking appropriate avenues of support regarding child custody

New York parents typically want what is best for their children. However, complicated domestic issues sometimes make interpreting what is best difficult. Especially in situations regarding child custody, parenting time and child support, a parent may need to seek professional assistance in order to achieve positive results.

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