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September 2016 Archives

When a custody dispute goes to far, police may get involved

A father in another state was forced to call law enforcement officers to step in after his daughter was taken by her grandmother, mother and some of their associates. This father had previously been awarded full custody of the child, though he allowed the mother vis itation rights. For those residing in New York or elsewhere, it is not uncommon for child custody arrangements to cause contention between parents and other family members. However, when a custody dispute does arise, there are appropriate avenues to deal with the issue.

Why is the divorce rate still so high?

According to a recent report, approximately 800,000 couples in the United States, including many residing in New York, file to dissolve their marriages every year. This is a pretty significant number, though, it is believed to be lower than it has been in previous years. Many do still wonder, why is it that the divorce rate is still so high?

How can an order of filiation help in obtaining child support?

Wanting a father to take on some sort of financial responsibility for raising his child is certainly a reasonable request. However, when children are born out of wedlock, getting a child support order can be a bit of a process -- especially if paternity is being denied. There are unmarried fathers in New York, though, who may accept parentage without any issue and are ready and willing to be acting participants in the lives of their children. In such an instance, when both parents agree to parentage, and a DNA test is not insisted upon, an Order of Filiation may be filed with the court in order to open a case for custody and child support.

Travel safe and avoid a DUI this football season

It's football season! Fans across the nation have been anxiously for the National Football League to host the first official games of 2016 - and they were not disappointed. Week 1 kicked off with a bang, resulting in four games that were decided by just one point.

New York family law: How does divorce affect inherited assets?

When couples in New York or elsewhere choose to end their marriages, they will likely have numerous questions about property division. It is understandable that both parties will want to walk away from the union with terms each feels is fair. When getting a divorce, though, there may be concerns about what is considered separate versus marital property -- particularly when it comes to assets given as gifts or received as inheritances. One's family law attorney will be able to go into great detail about this topic.

How might social media use lead to divorce?

Couples in New York and elsewhere have various reasons as to why they may want to seek to dissolve their marriages. There is no right or wrong reason to seek a divorce. The decision is a personal one. While there are many reasons as to why a dissolution of marriage may be sought, it is believed that social media use is now behind quite a few divorce requests.

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