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Many people mistakenly believe that workers' compensation insurance is their only possible source of financial support if they get seriously hurt on the job. While it is true that New York state law prohibits a lawsuit against your employer in these situations, that does not mean there are no other avenues of recovery.

On construction sites, in factories and other job locations, many work accidents arise from the activities of "third parties" other than the injured person's employer. If an independent contractor, subcontractor, equipment supplier or some other company was negligent and caused the accident that injured you, they can be held accountable for resulting medical costs, lost income due to the injury, and other damages.

Workers' Compensation May Not Be Your Only Source of Financial Support

Our experienced personal injury lawyers at Larkin, Ingrassia & Tepermayster, LLP, are always ready to investigate what happened and take action for injured construction workers and others hurt on the job. You can count on us to focus on you and determine conclusively whether you have a course of action beyond — and potentially more valuable than — a work comp claim alone.

Our knowledge and reputation for earning positive results extends across the spectrum of construction site and other workplace injuries, including:

A Comprehensive Approach to Helping Injured Workers and Families in New York

Our dedicated, collaborative team of attorneys will take nothing for granted when it comes to your severe work injury or an accident that tragically killed your family member. We want to hear everything you know and remember, and we are prepared to enlist qualified experts who can enhance our own understanding of who should be held responsible.

To work with a respected law firm that has helped many New York workers and families obtain more financial help than they thought possible to cover expenses and move forward after a catastrophic event, contact us today. We will charge no attorney fees unless we determine you have a valid claim and succeed in recovering compensation for you.

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