Strong Defense Against Charges In West Point

One mistake shouldn't ruin your whole life. But it can seem like that is about to happen, if you are facing charges for drunk driving, drugs or some other offense that threatens to put a black mark on your reputation. This is especially true for West Point cadets, for whom society's expectations are so high.

At Larkin, Ingrassia & Tepermayster, LLP, our dedicated team of defense attorneys can take your side and defend you aggressively no matter what type of charge you face. We have provided effective defense against criminal charges to clients in the West Point area for many years from our nearby office locations in Newburgh and Middletown.

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What Have You Been Charged With?

In West Point, as anywhere else in America, there are certain types of criminal charges that one can face. These include:

  • DUI/DWI charges — A drunk driving charge does not only affect your driver's license. It can also carry criminal consequences, particularly with New York's strict laws. We can help you push back against the charges and protect or regain your driving privileges.
  • Drug charges — For years, drug arrests have been a staple of law enforcement in New York state and across the country. Our defense lawyers stand ready to protect your rights if you face any type of drug charge.
  • Assault charges — From bar rights to sexual assault, there are several different types of assault charges possible under New York law. No matter what allegations you are facing, our attorneys are prepared to defend you strongly.

Our dedicated team of defense attorneys is experienced in resolving these and other criminal charges in the West Point area. We know a lot is at stake, especially for cadets concerned about keeping a clean record. But we aggressively defend against the charges and seek a resolution that keeps the promise of the future intact.

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