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Defending You Against Shoplifting Charges

Shoplifting is the most common type of theft crime dealt with by prosecutors and judges in New York State. The most common charge faced by individuals accused of shoplifting is known legally as "petit larceny" but is more commonly called "petty larceny". It is the theft of anything valued at less than $1,000.

Most shoplifters are not poor people who cannot afford to buy the items they are accused of taking — they are people with financial resources who have had a momentary lapse in good judgment.

At Larkin, Ingrassia & Tepermayster, LLP, we have extensive experience and success in defending people faced with shoplifting charges in the Hudson Valley region. Our clients have come from all walks of life and have had varying levels of financial stability. We can help you minimize the consequences of a shoplifting arrest so that you can move on with your life.

Do not let shame or embarrassment keep you from taking action to protect your rights. Talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer about your shoplifting arrest today by calling or contacting Larkin, Ingrassia & Tepermayster, LLP.

Whether you have been charged with grand larceny or "petty" larceny, our attorneys understand the value of resolving matters as quickly and as discreetly as possible. We are highly effective in plea negotiations with prosecutors because we have an established reputation for successfully taking criminal cases to trial. Time and again, our aggressive approach has enabled us to help clients obtain placement in diversion programs or to meaningfully reduce charges.

If you are innocent of the charges against you or if a plea is unacceptable to you for some other reason, you can trust our attorneys to prepare a compelling defense and to vigorously protect your rights in court.

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