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Possession with intent to sell or distribute a controlled substance is a very serious criminal charge. If convicted, you could be looking at a mandatory prison sentence in addition to all of the costs and collateral "side-effects" that go hand-in-hand with having a permanent criminal record.

At Larkin, Ingrassia & Tepermayster, LLP, we aggressively defend and fight to protect individuals facing felony drug charges in the state of New York. Our legal team has decades of combined legal experience to offer you and a proven track record of outstanding results in both state and federal drug cases and appeals. We can start working to protect your freedom and future today.

If you are facing a charge of possession with intent to sell, you need a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible. In the meantime, do not answer questions and do not give statements to the police or prosecutor. Call or contact us for aggressive representation that can get results for you.

Possession with intent to sell or distribute charges sometimes are often filed against individuals whose only real intent was self-medication. In those cases, the charges come as a complete shock. Other times, possession with intent to sell or distribute charges are filed when an individual has a small amount of drugs, primarily for personal use and where there is no independent evidence of an intent to sell. The more serious charges of possession with intent are filed in an effort to gain leverage on the accused. Let us use our experience to give you leverage against the charges filed against you.

Our attorneys will begin an immediate investigation to determine whether evidence was obtained through an illegal search and seizure, and whether the prosecutor actually has enough evidence to sustain a charge of possession with intent to sell. In many cases, these charges are based on very little circumstantial evidence and a large number of assumptions. In many previous cases, we have successfully argued these points to get the charges against our clients reduced or dismissed entirely.

Whatever the facts and circumstances of your case, you can trust that our attorneys will explore every possible avenue of defense on your behalf.

Who's Fighting for You?

Whether you have been charged for possession with intent to sell or some other type of serious drug offense in the state of New York — you must take aggressive action to protect your own rights. Start your defense today by contacting us for a free, drug charge defense consultation with an experienced attorney.

Our firm maintains three office locations in Orange County, including our main office which is conveniently located just three minutes from the Newburgh Beacon Bridge on Interstate I-84. Locally, you can reach us at 845-234-4852. Outside of this area code, dial 877-278-5062 (toll free).

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