Miranda Rights Violated

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Michael Collado recently received a favorable decision following a pretrial suppression hearing held in Newburgh City Court on behalf of a client accused of Driving While Intoxicated and causing a motor vehicle accident.

Following his client's arrest, Mr. Collado made a motion to suppress any and all alleged statements or admission the New York State Police maintained inculpated the motorist. After a fact-finding hearing in which the arresting troopers were cross examined regarding the circumstances of the alleged statements and admissions, Mr. Collado successfully convinced the judge that several of the statements were elicited in violation of his client's Miranda rights.

Mr. Collado also successfully argued that several other admissions attributed to his client were not voluntarily made and, as such, could not be used against the motorist at trial.

As a result, Mr. Collado was able to negotiate a favorable disposition wherein his client was offered an opportunity to resolve the case with a plea to the traffic infraction of merely Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol.