Latest adjustments in child support and maintenance calculations

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

With the new year, the cap for child support and maintenance has now changed.

Basic child support is calculated in a two-step process:

  • Below the cap
  • Above the cap

With regard to child support, the Courts are now using the combined income of $148,000 (prior income was $143,0000). This means that for the purposes of child support calculation, the Courts are required to take into account both parents' incomes of up to $148,000.00. It is up to the Court's discretion, whether to use earnings above the $148,000 combined income.

With regard to calculating maintenance (temporary spousal support), the cap has increased to $184,000 (from $175,000). The calculation now utilizes the payor's income of up to $184,000.00 to calculate temporary and permanent spousal support.

The above calculations can sometimes be overwhelming for litigants and our clients. We believe that it is best to explain them thoroughly to our clients so that the process is completely transparent and understood prior to entering a courtroom. An informed client is able to make the best possible decisions which can affect their life as well as the lives of the children for a very long time. If you need help with child support and/or maintenance calculations, do not hesitate to contact our office and meet with one of our prestigious and knowledgeable matrimonial attorneys.