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John Ingrassia successfully moved to have all evidence suppressed in an Operating a Motor Vehicle while Under the Influence Alcohol Case. Mr. Ingrassia's client was stopped by police while driving his truck after the officer had received a report from the police dispatcher that an intoxicated driver in a truck was on a certain street. The police officer observed the truck on that street and stopped it based upon the report. Significantly, the police officer did not observe the driver commit any traffic infractions before stopping the vehicle. Mr. Ingrassia was able to establish that the report to the police came from an anonymous person of unknown reliability and whose basis of knowledge was not established. By his challenging the basis of knowledge and reliability of the anonymous informant, the Court ruled the Prosecution was unable to sustain their burden at the suppression hearing and suppressed all evidence.

Mr. Ingrassia's client holds a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) who faced a 12 month revocation of his CDL had he been convicted of a Drinking and Driving related offense.