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Milana Tepermayster was successful in obtaining a favorable decision for a client, after a custody trial that spanned multiple days and witnesses, as well as a the testimony of a forensic expert witness for the children. The Family Court Judge decided in favor of the mother, our client, to have sole legal and physical custody of the parties' two sons, after protracted litigation between the parties that lasted over three years. The Court opinioned that the mother demonstrated that she was capable of providing the children with structure and organization that they need, she has put together a team of child care providers (while the father has not done so), mother insures that she is available and able to participate in various school meetings and medical appointments, mother is more secured financially (while father remains underemployed), and Mother is the better role model for the children. Of significant importance was the mother's ability to promote the children's relationship with the father while on the other hand, the father has kept the children away from the mother, he had not demonstrated he can be flexible and refused to avail himself of the opportunity to exercise additional weekend time with children when offered. For all the reasons, despite the expert's testimony that opinioned that the children should share physical custodial time between the two parents, the Family Court Judge decided in favor of the mother.