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John Ingrassia persuaded prosecutors to dismiss an issuing a bad check misdemeanor charge against his Client.

Mr. Ingrassia was able to demonstrate to the Prosecutor's and Court's satisfaction that his client had placed a stop payment order on the check nearly a week prior to the check being presented to the bank (of which the service provider was aware) and that there were sufficient funds in the checking account at the time the check was submitted to the service provider. As such, he was able to demonstrate that no crime was committed and the dispute was purely civil in nature.

The charge was dismissed on the merits and the case was closed. Mr. Ingrassia's client had been arrested at his home in front of his family and taken to the police station where he was fingerprinted and photographed by police and required to post bail. Upon the dismissal of the case all arrest records were ordered to be destroyed and the file sealed .

This case illustrates that innocent people can be wrongly accused of a crime and the importance of obtaining an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

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