Criminal Defense Attorney in New York

There is No 'I' in Our Legal Team

At Larkin, Ingrassia & Tepermayster, LLP, we are trusted because of our dedication and relied upon because of our results. The recipe for that success has always been, and still remains, a simple one:

  • Bring together a team of exceptional lawyers hailing from diverse fields and legal backgrounds
  • Make the most of this legal experience and knowledge by instilling a culture of collaboration between the firm's partners, associates, paralegals, investigators and support staff
  • Encourage all members of the firm to continually strive to keep their legal skills and knowledge as sharp and up-to-date as possible
  • Correctly apply and execute legal strategies proven to get results, or develop innovative legal strategies when new or unusually difficult problems cannot be effectively addressed by time-tested methods
  • Never forget who you work for and always be accessible and available to help your clients in whatever way you can

Our attorneys collaborate with one another on every case to bring a wealth of diversity and experience to bear on the legal issues faced by each individual client.

A team-centered approach gives our clients access to all of the experience, skills, diversity and passion we are able to offer as a law firm. Our practice can be broken down as follows:

While we seek to resolve every matter efficiently, and without exposing our clients to the risks or costs of litigation — obtaining a fair result outside of court demands a willingness, a readiness and a proven ability to take cases to trial and win. We have that reputation and you can trust that we will always be prepared to fight for you at trial, and that we will never recommend compromise in a civil case or criminal defense matter unless it is in your best interest.

We are recognized in the legal community as lawyers who relentlessly defend their clients.

Remember, insurance companies and corporations are going to hire the best legal representation they can to fight for their interests.

Who will be fighting for yours?

Do not enter a dispute without a team you can depend on. Contact us online or call our Newburgh and Middletown, New York, law offices directly at 845-234-4852 (local) or at 877-278-5062 (toll free) to arrange for a free Personal Injury or Criminal Law consultation.