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What is virtual visitation and does it work?

Virtual visitation is becoming more and more popular across the country these days, even without parents seeking approval from the court. Virtual visitation is defined pretty much how you would expect; it involves contact between child and parent via email, video chat and instant messaging. Many states are allowing this newer form of visitation to be included in a child custody order or parenting agreement.

Understanding child custody issues in New York

Child custody in New York is an important topic for all parents involved in disputes. There are plenty of different ways a parent can have custody of their child or not have custody of their child. Understanding child custody issues in New York can make your life easier when involved in a custody battle.

How a judge decides what is 'in the best interest of the child'

Any responsible parent that has discussed the prospective dissolution of their relationship with their partner or spouse has probably mentioned the idea of making custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interest of their child. While the idea of what is in the "best interest" of one's child may be something one would hope most parents would take time to take into consideration, few do.

Can you leave the city or state with children after a divorce?

One of the more unfortunate truths about life with children after a divorce is that you are sometimes limited in the decisions you can make regarding where to live. That limitation can trickle in to limit your career, social and future relationship options, though you are not without any ability to relocate following a divorce. It's simply important to consider all the aspects of any decision and consult with a lawyer if you believe a relocation might impact any existing custody arrangement or order.

What children of divorce think years later

Parents who are thinking about getting divorced will often be nervous about the decision because of the kids. Even if they have a very good reason to split up, they still won't be sure if they should do it because they don't want to negatively impact the children.

Seeking appropriate avenues of support regarding child custody

New York parents typically want what is best for their children. However, complicated domestic issues sometimes make interpreting what is best difficult. Especially in situations regarding child custody, parenting time and child support, a parent may need to seek professional assistance in order to achieve positive results.

When a custody dispute goes to far, police may get involved

A father in another state was forced to call law enforcement officers to step in after his daughter was taken by her grandmother, mother and some of their associates. This father had previously been awarded full custody of the child, though he allowed the mother visitation rights. For those residing in New York or elsewhere, it is not uncommon for child custody arrangements to cause contention between parents and other family members. However, when a custody dispute does arise, there are appropriate avenues to deal with the issue.

Communicating child custody issues can be a challenge

Co-parenting after a divorce can be a great challenge in life. Sadly, too many parents end up fighting, which is something that no one wants to spend years of their life doing. Some conflicts can be prevented by establishing acceptable forms of communication between parents. If desired, parents in New York and elsewhere can include, directly in their child custody orders, specific instructions regarding what forms of communication are allowed.

Sometimes child custody matters can only be settled in court

Parents want what is best for their children. Unfortunately, sometimes, parents cannot always agree on the definition of best, especially when dealing with the emotional issues of divorce, separation or various other circumstances. Problems with determining child custody matters do happen, and while there are many parents who can talk through things and figure out agreeable solutions, there are others in New York and elsewhere who will depend on the court to decide custody arrangements.

Is it possible to appeal a child custody decision?

Custody cases in New York and elsewhere can be rather contentious. After all, how child custody is determined can greatly affect the parent-child relationship. Unfortunately, there are cases in which one parent may feel that he or she is not getting the best end of the deal, or he or she may not believe that what has been decided is truly the best for his or her child. What options are there for parents in such positions?

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