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Mayor on Trial

DeStefano, two others accused of fraud
March 07, 2005
By Dianna Cahn and Oliver Mackson

Goshen - Joe DeStefano is ready for the fight of his life and it will play out in Orange County Court beginning today.

The Middletown mayor, City Court Judge Rich Guertin and community development czar Neil Novesky begin their nonjury trial today. They're facing a 55-count indictment handed up in the wake of a May 6 raid on City Hall. The prosecution's case is built on a paper trail generated by seven leases DeStefano signed with landlords and tenants, all of whom received U.S. Housing and Urban Development funds through Novesky's office. The prosecution contends that DeStefano, Novesky and Guertin knowingly broke seldom-prosecuted laws by getting involved in those deals.

These are the charges the men face:

First-degree tampering with public records, a felony
Maximum 2< to seven years in prison
Counts: DeStefano, 10
DeStefano is accused of putting false information about his indirect business dealings with the city on ethics and audit forms. The forms are meant to give transparency to the business dealings of public officials.

First-degree falsifying business records, a felony
Maximum 1< to four years
Counts: DeStefano, 12; Novesky, 2
Relating to many of the same disclosure forms, this charge focuses on intent to conceal another crime.

First-degree offering a false instrument for filing, a felony
Maximum 1< to four years
Counts: DeStefano 12, Novesky 2
Also relates to many of the same forms. Accuses both men of putting false information on records submitted to City Hall.

Issuing a false certificate, a felony
Maximum 1< to four years
Counts: DeStefano 2, Novesky: 2
Accuses both men of putting false information on documents pertaining to two of DeStefano's real estate deals.

Defrauding the government, a felony
Maximum 1< to four years
Counts: one each
Accuses all three men of scheming from 1997 to 2003 to deceive government agencies and gain property worth more than $1,000.

Official misconduct, a misdemeanor
Maximum one year in jail
Counts: DeStefano 7, Novesky 8; Guertin, 2
Accuses the trio of abusing their power to obtain benefit.

DeStefano is accused of benefiting from business deals with recipients of HUD loans. Novesky's office processed the loans. Novesky stood to gain an inherent benefit by assisting the mayor, who holds the power to appoint him. Guertin, as the city's lawyer, had a responsibility to keep Novesky's office clear of conflicts of interest. Guertin stood to doubly gain from the transactions: DeStefano had power to promote him, and Guertin was both the city's lawyer and DeStefano's private lawyer and was paid for drawing up DeStefano's business contracts.

Engaging in a prohibited conflict of interest, a misdemeanor
Maximum one year
Counts: DeStefano, 6; Novesky, 6; Guertin, 2 (The judge recently dismissed an additional two counts against Guertin)

Attempted Engaging in a Prohibited Conflict of Interest, a misdemeanor
Counts: DeStefano and Novesky one each

The three are accused of violating a law prohibiting public officials from entering directly or indirectly into a business agreement with the city they work for and directly or indirectly benefiting from the deal.

Fifth-degree conspiracy, a misdemeanor
Maximum one year
Counts: one each
Accuses all three of committing the indicted crimes in a scheme to help DeStefano benefit from HUD funds earmarked for small cities.

The players

The judge
Judge Stewart Rosenwasser is the least senior of Orange County's three criminal court judges, but in his five years on the bench, he's had plenty of preparation for a long, complicated, attention-getting trial.
In 2002, Rosenwasser presided over the trial of Brian Lynch, a Scotchtown man accused of stealing money from his neighbor, a 9/11 widow named Heloiza Asaro, whose firefighter husband, Carl Asaro, was killed at the World Trade Center. A jury convicted Lynch. An appeals court gave him a new trial, and Lynch hired a celebrity lawyer named Joseph Tacopina. The retrial could've put Rosenwasser under a media microscope, but Lynch pleaded guilty.
Rosenwasser is known for his witticisms from the bench and his tough stance against people convicted of violent crimes, earning him the nickname "Maximum Stew." But people who appear in his courtroom say there's a lot of substance to go with the style, and the judge is just as capable of quoting Faulkner from memory as he is of coining a quip.
Rosenwasser's zeal for fairness was evident last year in the case of Dr. Mahavir Singh, a New Windsor physician who was cleared of accusations that he molested patients. Rosenwasser acquitted him after a non-jury trial, then delivered an explanation of why Singh was not only not guilty, but utterly innocent.

The law clerk
John Goldsmith's grandfather opened the first auto dealership in Middletown, ran a five-and-dime store in the city and worked as a locomotive fireman for the Ontario & Western Railroad.
The younger Goldsmith is now the man behind the scenes of what's arguably the biggest trial in the city's 116-year history. Judge Stewart Rosenwasser may be presiding over the trial, but as his law clerk, Goldsmith does a lot of the heavy lifting to get cases ready for trial.
Goldsmith, 41, was an Orange County prosecutor from 1988 to 1994. He was in private practice in Middletown between 1994 and 2000.
Goldsmith has been the judge's law clerk since Rosenwasser took office in 2000. He also has a night job: town justice in the Town of Mount Hope.

The prosecutor
Chris Borek gets the big cases.
There was the time five years ago when he prosecuted two men for the murder of Dominick Pendino, a young father who vanished at the end of a bloody trail in his driveway in the Town of Newburgh. No one had ever prosecuted a murder in case in Orange County without having a body as evidence.
Borek won murder convictions against both defendants, Larry Weygant and Greg Chrysler.
Borek, 39, is a native of Queens. He moved to Orange County in 1993, after a four-year stint with the Manhattan district attorney's office.
Borek was an Orange County prosecutor for seven years then moved to the office of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.
Borek returned to Goshen in 2003 and was later promoted to chief trial assistant, one of a handful of supervisory jobs in the district attorney's office. He also supervises investigations conducted by the office.

The second-seater
The Middletown case is so complicated, a second prosecutor has been tapped to assist senior prosecutor Chris Borek.
The "second-seater" is Assistant District Attorney Dave Meffert, 34, who started at the Orange County district attorney's office on Sept. 10, 2001.
Meffert worked as a criminal defense lawyer in Texas, including one case in which he represented one of the first juveniles in that state to be prosecuted as an adult for slapping a teacher.
Meffert also worked as a prosecutor for the City of San Antonio, where he handled all the city's code-compliance cases.
The second-seat prosecutor does everything from make sure that documents are in order for the trial to ensuring that witnesses are ready to go on the days they're scheduled.

DeStefano's lawyer
Jim Monroe has fewer law years under his belt than his colleagues on the case, but he will carry the heaviest load.
Monroe is better known for his civil litigation in federal and state court than in the halls of Orange County Court. He'll be representing the case's central defendant, Middletown Mayor Joe DeStefano.
Monroe has worked closely on several cases with Bob Isseks, a prominent civil rights lawyer who serves as part-time counsel for the City of Middletown. The two are coordinating a class-action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of Orange County Jail inmates, who allege their constitutional rights were violated when they were strip-searched at the jail.
Monroe sees DeStefano's defense as more straightforward than the "complex litigation I am normally accustomed to."
Monroe became a lawyer in 1997. He's worked at what is now Dupee, Dupee and Monroe ever since and became partner in 2000. While he's never prosecuted a case, he's backed by a criminal defense law partner and two lawyers at the firm who were assistant district attorneys in the county.

Novesky's lawyers
In nearly four decades practicing the law, Pat Burke has reached across the spectrum of the profession.
He was an assistant U.S. attorney and a member of the Organized Crime Strike Force for the Southern District of New York before he went into private practice in the early 1970s. Since then, he's run the gamut of defense law.
He's been involved in federal high-profile cases. He's also represented municipalities, like the First Amendment case he won along with his son, Mike, on behalf of the City of Newburgh after it was sued by city firefighters.
The two Burkes - of Burke, Miele and Golden in Goshen - fought and won another case last summer when federal authorities indicted a Ramapo police officer charged with lying to an FBI agent and distributing cable boxes. The case was dismissed.
Now, the father and son are teaming up again to represent Neil Novesky, Middletown's community development chief, who is fighting 23 counts in the indictment. The elder Burke says he enjoys working with his son, who's been a lawyer since 1997.
"We are different people and we approach things differently. In fact, I do learn things from his approaches," said the senior Burke. "One and one adds up to more than two."

Guertin's lawyer
They say that getting cross-examined by John Ingrassia is like Chinese water torture.
He never raises his voice and always presents his questions as a gentleman. But by the end of his questioning, his subject is shaking.
Ingrassia exclusively practices criminal defense law ranging from white collar to assault.
Now he's representing Middletown Judge Rich Guertin, whose own career had never before been marred by allegations of wrongdoing.
"John is one cool customer and a very nice guy on top of that," said fellow lawyer Sol Lesser. "He's one of two or three people other than myself that I would feel comfortable representing a family member."
Ingrassia comes from the rooted Ingrassia clan, a politically active family whose patriarch, Angelo Ingrassia, went from Black Dirt farmer to senior judge on the state Supreme Court.
Ingrassia became a lawyer in 1989. He worked four years for the Orange County district attorney's office before joining Larkin, Ingrassia & Brown, LLP. In 2000, the firm added Ingrassia to its shingle. Ingrassia later brought his father into the firm after the judge retired and has been known to bring the elder Ingrassia to court for "good luck."

* Reprinted with permission of The Times Herald-Record

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Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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  • DWAI Felony Charge Dismissed
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  • Evidence Suppressed in DWI Arrest
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  • 2010 - Couple Compensated for Faulty Swimming Pool Installation.
    Paul Teutul Sr. can not make Paul Teutul Jr. to sell his 20 percent interest in Orange County Choppers Holding Inc., as determined by an appeals court ruling.
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  • 2010 - Paul Teutul Jr. Wins Appeal Against Orange County Choppers Holding Inc.
    John Ingrassia and Raymond Raiche were successful in bringing a small claims petition on behalf of a husband and wife homeowner against a swimming pool company from whom they purchased an above ground pool...
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  • 2010 - Hiring A Lawyer For Loan Modification Assistance
    Homeowner’s behind in their mortgage can sometimes benefit from hiring a lawyer to try to modify their loan and advert foreclosure.
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  • 2010 - Marijuana Charges Dismissed
    August 2010 - John Ingrassia was able to work out a very favorable plea bargain with the prosecutor's office and the local justice court in Orange County. After our client was stopped for speeding by police, the officer detected odor of marijuana and the driver admitted to having recently consumed marijuana.
    Learn More
  • 2010 - Felony Grand Larceny and Conspiracy charges yield Probation and Community Service
    On August 24, 2010 Bryan Dunn was sentenced to 300 hours of community service and 5 years of probation for his part in a million-dollar Walmart theft ring.
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  • 2010 - John Ingrassia Presents a DWI CLE Program
    On July 29, 2010, John Ingrassia and another Firm Attorney presented a teleconference Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program for attorneys entitled "New York DWI Update - What You Need to Know"
    Learn More
  • 2010 - John Ingrassia Authors Chapter of Book "Inside the Minds - Trial Techniques for Criminal Cases"
    John Ingrassia authored a chapter entitled "The Defense Attorney as Investigator: Uncovering Evidence to Defend Your Client's Case" in the book "Inside the Minds - Trial Techniques For Criminal Cases" by Aspatore Publishing.
  • 2010 - Aggravated DWI and DWI Charges Dismissed
    In a July 2010 trial, John Ingrassia obtained dismissals on charges of Aggravated DWI and DWI in return for a guilty plea of Reckless Driving.
    Learn More
  • 2010 - DWAI Case Dismissed in the Town of Montgomery
    John Ingrassia was successful in a July 2010 trial and DWAI charges against our client were dropped in the Town of Montgomery.
    Learn More
  • 2010 - Two DWI Charges Dismissed Due to Speedy Trial Rights Violations
    On July 20, 2010, John Ingrassia obtained dismissals on two separate DWI cases in a local Justice Court. The dismissals were based on Mr. Ingrassia successfully arguing that the delay in bringing his clients to trial violated their Speedy Trial Rights under the New York State Criminal Procedure Law and US Constitution.
  • 2010 - Plea Bargain Accepted Before Murder Trial Starts
    2010 - GOSHEN - James J. Babcock pleaded guilty Friday in Orange County Court to the killing of Elaine Ackerman because he didn't want to risk the possibility of 26 ? years to life in prison for murder.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - LIB Provides Christmas Gifts for Children
    LIB once again participated in the Ulster County DSS and Ulster County Bar Association "Adopt-A-Star" program to provide Christmas gifts for children who are in foster care in Ulster County.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - LIB Receives Partner in Justice Award for Probono Service
    On October 28, 2009 the firm of Larkin, Ingrassia & Brown, LLP was awarded the Partner in Justice Award from the Board of Directors of Legal Services of the Hudson Valley/ProBono NY Orange County Committee.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - Middletown Ny Bar Association Elects Two LIB Attorneys as Officers
    On December 9, 2009 at the Middletown Bar Association Annual Dinner, Larkin, Ingrassia & Brown, LLP had two associates elected to the Executive Board of the Middletown Bar Association (Orange County NY).
    Learn More
  • 2009 - Not Guilty Verdict on Forcible Rape and Unlawful Imprisonment Charges
    After a week-long jury trial, Craig Stephen Brown and another Firm Attorney obtained a not guilty verdict by an Orange County jury on a case where the client was accused of forcible rape, forcible sexual abuse, and unlawful imprisonment of an acquaintance.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - Items Suppressed After Declared Illegally Seized in Execution of Search Warrant
    An Orange County Court Judge issued a Decision and Order suppressing credit cards illegally seized during the execution of a search warrant.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - John Ingrassia Named By Super Lawyers For Criminal Defense: Dui/Dwi
    John Ingrassia has been selected by Super Lawyers as one of the top attorneys in the field of Criminal Defense and DUI/DWI Defense In Upstate New York for 2009.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - Not Guilty Verdict On Menacing Charges With A Gun
    After a three day jury trial, John Ingrassia recently obtained a not guilty verdict by a Town of Wallkill jury on a case where his client was accused of menacing another individual with a loaded handgun during an alleged incident last year.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - Jury Awards $804K to Woman in Falldown on Ice Case
    2009 - Our client slipped on ice on a poorly shoveled sidewalk and fractured her ankle. As a result of her diabetic condition she eventually had her leg amputated.
    Learn More
  • Motorcyclist Awarded Full Policy Limits
    2009 - A motorcyclist was struck by a car that failed to yield the right of way, causing an injury to his leg. The car carried $100,000 insurance limits.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - Leave to the Court of Appeals Granted
    Kathleen Wells requested leave in a felony sexual abuse case to appeal to the highest court in New York State: the Court of Appeals.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - Vacating of a client's jail sentence for speeding
    Kathleen Wells appealed a two weekend jail sentence imposed upon an 18 year old for speeding 102 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - Acquittal in Town of Wawayanda DWI case
    Daniel Jackson won an acquittal for a client charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle in the Town of Wawayanda Justice Court.
    Learn More
  • 2009 - Reversal of a client's Integrated Domestic Violence Court conviction of Harassment in the 2nd Degree
    This case involved a trial in which a wife accused her husband of Harassment in the Second Degree. At trial, the husband sought to introduce evidence that his wife had previously threatened to "get" him.
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  • 2009 - Acquittal in Town of Cornwall Criminal Mischief case
    Daniel Jackson won an acquittal for a client initially charged with Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree in the Town of Cornwall Justice Court.
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  • 2009 - Two acquittals in Town of New Windsor DWI cases
    John Ingrassia won separate acquittals within weeks of each other in the Town of New Windsor Justice Court for clients charged with multiple counts of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).
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  • 2009 - Acquittal in Town of New Windsor DWAI case
    Daniel Jackson won an acquittal for a client charged with Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), Speeding and Failure to Keep Right in the Town of New Windsor Justice Court.
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  • 2009 - Successful overturn of Family Court Decision
    Azra Khan recently won an appeal in the Appellate Division, Second Department where we successfully overturned a Family Court Decision which granted a downward modification of a non-custodial parent's child support obligation.
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